Monday, June 27, 2011

Rooting in Style with the Seattle Storm!

Seattle does not have a great track record when it comes to Championship winning sports teams.  Whenever a team gets close Seattle sports fan’s hearts are promptly broken by a loss followed by many more years of losing. Perhaps it’s the weather….or a curse.  There is one shining light though and that is in our Womens National Basketball association (WNBA) team the Seattle Storm.  Created in 2000, the Storm have won 2 league titles in 2004 and just last season in 2010.  I have never been a big fan of basketball but after attending a home game at Key Arena in style against the Minnesota Lynx this past Friday I discovered that I am just not a fan of men’s basketball but a HUGE fan of the Storm and in supporting women’s sports!
We were invited by John’s boss (thank you Brett!) to sit in the prestigious (and very large) South Suite to enjoy the game.  It happened to be star forward Lauren Jackson bobblehead night  and we were treated to a private tour of the facility including walking on the court and standing right outside the locker room of the Storm and cheering the players on as they ran out right past us onto the court.  At halftime we were greeted by Storm CEO Karen Bryant who spoke to us about leadership and thanked us for supporting women’s sports. 
 While I watched the second half of the game (and John encouraged me to network instead) I found myself really enjoying the quick action and technical skills of these talented female athletes.  There was none of the trash talking, larger than life bad attitudes or egos that turn me off of the men’s game.  After the game we were treated to player autographs which capped off the very special evening.   As a fellow female athlete, I quickly realized this is a team, and women’s sports a cause, I need to get behind and support wholeheartedly! 
As I write this post, the 2011 Women’s soccer World Cup is about to begin and the #1 ranked US women’s team is looking strong to win the cup…the time for women’s sports to shine has arrived.

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