Saturday, May 28, 2011

Welcome! A bit about me...

Welcome to Seattle Sophisticate: the blog of Lorna K. Croswell.  Inevitably while attending any sort of social event and meeting someone new they will ask that quintessential question, “So what do you do?” which of course really means “Who are you?”. While many people answer this question with who they are professionally, here is my answer: I am a lot of things!  I am a professional who completes process improvement at Safeco Insurance, an entrepreneur who buys and sells antique and vintage decorative arts, a philanthropist who, with my husband and other board members, runs a charity which benefits HIV orphans in Africa, I am a soccer player, love to travel, attend the performing arts and I am a Seattleite.
Seattle is not completely about earthy people, farmers markets, rain and socks with sandals.  This city is multifaceted and also has plenty to offer those with a more refined taste.  I enjoy being a part of its more sophisticated side which I hope to share with my family and friends who live overseas and other interested readers of this blog. Enjoy!
Seattle Sophisticate: For friends, for family, for those interested in the finer side of Seattle!

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